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What we'll be doing for you...


We'll meet with our Client and discuss needs, budget and timeframe. If you have any photographs or images for your project, you can bring it with you, that may help us better visualize your intent. If it's a remodel project, we'll take site measurements and digitally photograph the house, preparing "existing conditions" drawings that we'll use in the next phase.



Sketches and ideas begin developing on paper, based on the "existing conditions" drawings. Brainstorming together will lead to several options for your project; we'll review and decide which one is best suited, based on your budget, time, and needs.


Once all of the design decisions are made, we prepare construction drawings. These are very detailed drawings that will help the contractor quote accurate prices and build the project. Coordination with engineers and consultants is also an integral part of our services which helps our clients understand their requirements and navigate the legal permitting process. We keep our clients informed throughout the process, and let them know what to expect next. Our strategy of open communication and full involvement with our clients during this process helps ensure there are no mistakes made. We ask clients to show us what they like, and sometimes more importantly what they don't.



It's important that we'll be on site on a regular basis, to check the progress of construction and maintain continuous collaboration with the contractors to help ensure your project is built as designed.


It's an important step, often overlooked or undervalued. Whether you chose to go with a professional or do it yourself, we would like to help with the selection of materials, finishes and colors. We fully believe a proper choice is crucial in complementing the surrounding architecture, and contribute to the overall aesthetics of the space.

Home Design California will be with you every step of the way on your journey, whether it be an addition, renovation, or both. If there's one thing that Elena can attest she has learned in her 20+ years of experience, it's that the greatest client satisfaction is achieved with constant contact. From designing on papers to putting on hard hats during construction, Elena will help your vision become reality.

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